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We're Thriving Web Design, we provide website design services in Perth that help business owners engage with their target market, create a positive user experience, and generate more leads and conversions.

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Why build with us?

A web design company in Perth

A web design company in Perth

If you're looking for a website designer in Perth you're in luck. Our web design company is based right here in WA. No outsourcing your website project oversees. It's all done in-house. When you think 'Perth web design', think of us.

Custom built websites

Custom built

Business goals and branding can't be acheived when you use premade website templates. Our custom built websites are professional and designed to acheive it's goals

Custom built websites


As a Perth website design business, we've been building websites for many years and over that time we have built a wealth of knowledge on web design and development. It's our passion, we live and breathe it.

You own the site

You own the site

We don't lock you into any contracts, or force you to use a specific web hosting company AND you get full administrative access to your website.

Optimised for search engines

Optimised for search engines

We build your website with best practises when it comes to search engine optimisation , giving your website an excellent head start when you go to launch

Training provided

Training provided

While our websites are pretty easy to use as it is, we still provide some fully comprehensive training videos on how to use the site so you'll feel much more at home

A Website That Sells

There's a lot of pretty or dull-looking websites out there in Perth that fall short on generating leads and performing where it matters.

Your website is your best salesperson and promoter on the internet, ever-present twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So why then would you settle for something that may present well but drops the ball every time a user visits your website or where it really counts?

At Thriving Web Design, we're focused not just on beautiful web design; we're just as focused on building websites that have a purpose and end result in mind. Website designs that perform.

Some web design code on a laptop

100% Custom Website Design

While you can build websites using a pre-made template, we here at Thriving Web Design don't do that. Everything we make is 100% custom-made by our Perth web designer.

We opt to custom design websites because the design, the look and the function of the website need to suit your business's needs and that of your website visitors. Especially your visitors.

Once we have researched your business and your target market and understand what you and they need, we start by designing wireframes first to get the content layout right. From there, we create high-fidelity mock-ups (images made to look like the intended website design).

Throughout the design process, with your feedback and some testing, we make a few iterations of the website mock-up until we achieve the perfect design for your audience. From there, we build the actual website using the mock-ups as a guide. So no templates or pre-made stuff. The website fits your audience and business requirements like a glove, not the other way around.

A custom designed website built by Thriving Web Design for a client

Built In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Yes, running some Google ads can drive business, but you need to think about SEO too. Website designers always need to think about SEO, and we're no exception. When planning and building your website, we're also incorporating what are considered good SEO practices into the website.

These include ensuring the website's technical SEO aspect (meaning the stuff behind the scenes) is up to scratch. We also look at the on-page SEO approach to the design; these are content-related things.

Without giving SEO a second thought before the website is built, your website won't rank well, so this is why we consider this stuff essential to get right.

Search engine optimisation built into websites we design

User-Friendly Web Design

Making sure the website we design for you is user-friendly is very important. Why? Because if the website isn't easy to use, website visitors leave. So we put a lot of focus into ensuring the websites are user-friendly.

The website easy to read and use

The website visitor should find the website incredibly easy to use. It should fulfil their needs perfectly (e.g. they can find the information they are after quickly and easily).

A mobile responsive website

The website should also be mobile-responsive, which fits mobile and tablet devices perfectly, not just desktop computers and laptops.

The website is accessible

The website should be accessible to all users. Font size and colour should make it easy for readers whose eyesight might not be as good. Screen readers for the blind can scan the website and pick up text, titles and alternative image descriptions.

Website visitors can quickly scan topics and headings

Users should be able to quickly scan or skim web pages and easily see topic headings to find what they're looking for. There's nothing worse than having to trawl through wall-to-wall text without being able to spot headings and subheadings.

Compatible with all major web browsers

When we build a client a website, we test it on all major web browsers to ensure it looks consistently the same across all of them and that everything is working and functioning as expected.

Good navigation and well-thought-out architecture

We ensure that all web pages' overall architecture and the navigation that binds them work well. The more intuitive it is for the user, and the less they have to second-guess where everything should be on the website, the better.

Our web designs are built to be user friendly

Fast Loading Websites

As a web design company in Perth, we know that a website must load fast. Seconds count, and if it takes too long to load, the website visitor will leave the website.

Minifying website code

We minify code as one way to increase page loading speed of website pages. Minifying is like compressing website code, so it takes up very little file space, improving page loading speed.

Compress image file sizes

We also compress the file size of images. This reduces the total file size of the image while still retaining image quality. By doing this, web browsers have much less data to download, which means images appear on the page quicker.

Lazy loading images for improved speed

We can lazy load images too, which gives us control over the order in which images load for better performance.

Using website caching

Website caching allows us to reduce the number of times a user's web browser has to reload everything from the page (which can also chew up page speed). We usually try to employ all these methods to give a website page loading speeds we can provide them.

Fast loading websites that are optimised

Your Website Design Company In Perth

We're a Perth web design agency. The work we do building websites for clients is done in Perth. We don't send the work overseas to be completed by someone who doesn't understand your business and isn't a local.

That means you can rest assured that we're not going to disappear on you halfway through the project, and we're always reachable during business hours in your time zone.

We take great pride in being a local Perth web development company, and we're immensely proud to have the opportunity to help local business owners, big and small, here in Perth.

Thriving Web Design is a web design company in Perth

We Use WordPress For Most Website Design Work

Thriving Web Design uses WordPress for most of our website design work. This is because WordPress is extremely flexible, highly customisable, and a popular content management system.

Content management systems allow you to log into a private administration area of your website where you can add, edit, update and delete content yourself. It can save you money from going back to a web designer for changes and puts you in control of your content.

Many other popular platforms tend you lock you into their platform, so you have no choice but to host with them, but with WordPress, you can choose any website hosting company that supports WordPress.

A brand name being empowered by a good website design

Just some of the things we include

These are features commonly included in a Perth web design project we do, but we're not limited to just what you see below. Want to know if there's something we can include in your web design project? We'll be happy to have a chat with you and work something out:

Full access to your own professional website

We give you full administration access to your newly built website. It's yours forever, we don't lock you out.

Content management system

Have the power to add, update and delete content yourself without needing a web designer to do it for you.

Google analytics built in

Track your website traffic and know how many people are visiting your website and when.

SEO: website is search engine friendly

We build websites to be easy for Google to index so that those sites show up in the most relevant search terms possible.

Editable menus

Easily change and update navigation menus without breaking a sweat. And without the need for a web developer.

Browser compatability testing

We run tests on all major web browsers to ensure our custom web design works no matter what it's being viewed on.

Security installed

Web security is essential more than ever, so we implement security measures to minimize the risk of being hacked.

Contact forms

User-friendly forms that can collect essential details and forward that information directly to you.

Sticky menu when scrolling

A navigation bar that stays ever-present to help guide users, even while people scroll through the website.

Training provided on hand over of website

We help our clients find their bearings around their custom website by providing them with top-notch training.

Social media links and social sharing

Easily encourage people to follow you on social media with icons and enable them to share your content on social media.

Editable rotating homepage image carousel

Showcase essential information or images with headlines via a sliding carousel that you can update yourself in a flash.

Between 10-15 layout pages built

Custom designed website layouts that can be used as many times as needed to create new website pages.

Initial concept design mockups and wireframes

We create concepts and strategically work out what content needs to go where before we build your website.

See Our Work

We've worked with some of the most diverse range of industries to bring them a stellar website design. Check out our work below.

Web design for Colourdoor Metalcote
Colourdoor Metalcote

Colour door Metalcote needed a new website to help showcase their work and show clients what they have to offer. This website conveys what their services are while doubling as a virtual showroom of their works.

Web design for Workplace Safety Consultant
Workplace Safety Consultants

The good folk at Workplace Safety Consultants asked for our help in revamping their old website. The new design is significantly improved, easier to navigate and with much more modern design elements.

Web design for Hot Water Guy in Perth
Hot Water Guy

The hot water guy needed a fresh new look for their old plumbing & gas website. The result is this amazing, slick new design we gave them.

Our Web Design Process

Step 1 - Discovery

This is where we set up an initial meeting, and get to know your business, and understand who your target market is. From there, we can establish what your website's ultimate end goal is and then formulate a plan to design and built a website that gets you to that end goal.

Step 2 - Build the website

Once we have that end goal in mind, our web designer then creates a mockup to show you precisely what the website will look like. Our expert web developer will then build the website based on that design.

Step 3 - Launch the website

After the website has been built, we do a thorough quality audit to make sure the website is ready to launch, checking everything is perfectly set as it should be. Once that audit is complete and we're confident your website is ready to launch, we load your website onto your web hosting platform for the whole world to see.

Step 4 - Thrive

The story doesn't end once the website is launched; we're there to provide you a lending hand during that handover phase to make sure everything is running fine. While the websites we build are super easy to use, we also provide you with some quality training so you can feel 100% confident in using your brand-new website. Need ongoing support for SEO and Google ads? We can help you with this too.

A web design meeting with a client


Don't just take our word for it. See what some of our happy clients have to say.

Blues and Blades Barbershop
Five star rating

Glen did an awesome job creating our website. Nothing was ever too hard, any requests were completed so promptly. He also took the time to explain any queries I had in great detail to help us understand what would be best for our business. Highly recommend.

Eley Hooper - Skin Therapist
Five star rating

I found Glen on LinkedIn as I wanted to use someone local for my new website. I found him incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain things to me in an easy to understand way. My website was completed in the required time and he did a lot of hand holding when we first went live. I've had a great response to my website and would most definitely recommend Thriving Web Design to anyone needing a new website or even to update their old, tired one.

Highland Medical Center
Five star rating

Glen was outstanding to work with. He is professional and kept us informed through the whole process. Thoroughly recommend!

Healthy Living Massage
Five star rating

Glen is absolutely brilliant and has a wealth of knowledge. From the first phone conversation I knew he was the right person to create a new website for my business. Glen is very thorough and did a ton of research along the way. Glen keeps in contact constantly and gives great updates. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, he is a star and a legend at what he does. Thank you so much Glen!

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