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Glen Burnett

13th February 2022

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Ok, so what's a landing page?

Is a landing page really going to make any difference?

Boosting the effectiveness of a landing page

Online ads for your Perth business or pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to give your business the edge it needs. While it's true that organic traffic is the better long-term goal (where you rank for keywords naturally higher up in search results), for the short term, paid advertising can help boost business.

But online ads alone isn't going to be the answer. This is where a remarkable landing page working in conjunction with online advertising can mean a great deal of success in converting visitors into paying customers.

Ok, so what's a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page with a very specific purpose in mind and a very specific purpose. While the website's home page might include a variety of things, such as touching on all the different service or product categories that exist, a landing page will showcase and sell to the web visitor something very specific.

For example, a beauty care website might have a landing page that showcases a specific kind of soap, detailing all the features and benefits and encouraging the user to purchase it at every step of the way.

Is a landing page really going to make any difference?

Absolutely it will. If your online ad is enough to get their attention, the landing page is what will finally convince them to make a purchase. You might be tempted to have the online advertisement direct them to the home page of your website, but doing that can run the risk of the message being too vague and not specific enough.

In other words, if your a dealership selling cars, and the ad is for sports cars, don't send them to the home page where it lists every other kind of car. Send them to the landing page that has sports cars.

Boosting the effectiveness of a landing page

Make sure that the message your online advertisement is saying is also said clearly on your landing page. A good headline with the same keywords your online ad is showing.

Read your online advertisement before you launch it, and then read your intended landing page on your website. Is it the same topic? Or is it too different?

If it is too different, you risk your potential customer being confused and then leaving the website without making a purchase.

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