On-Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO

For your website to rank well in Google, ensure you're playing by their rulebook. Google uses algorithms (that they often update) to assess if a website should or shouldn't rank and by how much. On-page SEO is, without a doubt, a significant factor you need to consider for your website. Contact us today for help in staying on top of your On-page SEO game.

On-Page SEO Services

Page speed and mobile responsive design

One factor to consider with On-page SEO is website speed and mobile-friendliness. This is a ranking factor with Google, so if your website is taking a little longer to load or doesn't fit well on mobile devices and tablets, it might be time to take a look at how to improve both speed and how to fit the website on those smaller devices better.

Page speed and mobile responsiveness
Keyword density

Keyword Density

Another SEO factor is keyword density. When writing content, you'll want to strategically pick specific keywords that your customers often use to search, and the density is how often that keyword shows up.

The goal is to write content that sounds naturally flowing and not robotic. Ensure you are not excessively mentioning a specific keyword in your content too much. Google might see that as spammy or an attempt to skew search results and intentionally rank your web pages downward.

Markup Schema

Another On-page SEO strategy is to use schema (or markup schema as it's sometimes called). Schema is a little snippet of data built into a website that makes it easier for Google to display specific types of information. And there's a range of different markup schema. There's schema that shows FAQs, local business information like trading hours and addresses, schemas that display recipes. They usually show up differently in search results, with information displayed helpful to the user. This sort of thing can improve your SEO.

Markup Schema for SEO
Internal linking

Internal linking on your website

A common tactic in content marketing, internal linking, is connecting one or more pages on a website. This On-page SEO technique encourages users to navigate the website more easily. The more they browse, the greater chance those customers will find higher value pages on your website, which might mean you acquire a new lead or customer. But be sure to use internal linking moderately and link to other related pages they'll find helpful.

Human and Google-friendly URL structure

A URL (website address) can also impact your site's SEO. Often you might see a website whose website address is appended with a series of random letters, numbers, question marks, and equal signs.

These URLs are unhelpful to humans and Google alike because both don't know what the URL structure means. Website addresses with forward slashes followed by words we can recognise means Google will better understand your website.

Also, avoid using website address URLs that are very lengthy; try to keep them shorter than longer where possible. Simple is always best.

Human and Google friendly URLs
Meta tags and H-Tags

Meta tags and H Tags

An essential bit of On-Page SEO are meta tags. Meta tags are snippets of text that help describe what kind of content you can expect to see on a website page.

There are two common meta tags. One meta tag is for page titles and the other for descriptions. Both ideally should include a keyword the page will rank for.

When a user searches on Google, Google's search results will use this meta information (title, description, and keywords contained within) in the results.

Google will always check that meta tag descriptions match the content on the page, so be sure to take your time writing something accurate. If it's not, your web page's ranking will not go down up.

Headings are also tags you'll need to consider, which sit within the actual content of your page. They're typically called H Tags, and what keywords are used in those headings will help your customers and Google better understand what the content is about.

It also makes it visually more accessible for users to read when the headings (often in a larger web font) break up content to provide needed space.

We can help with On-Page SEO Services

At Thriving Web Design, our on-page SEO services can help you stand out and compete with other businesses regarding page ranking. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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