Our Policy on COVID-19

The ongoing threat of COVID-19 endangers the lives of everyone in the community here and abroad, and we take the threat of this virus seriously.

As we are based in Perth, Western Australia, we will always abide by the West Australian government's health orders. This is so that we can play our part in ensuring you, we, and everyone else around us are safe.

Are you vaccinated?

Yes, we have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with the two required vaccine doses.

Are you looking to get the booster vaccine shot?

Yes, absolutely. When it becomes available to us, we intend to get the booster shot. This ensures we continue providing a safe, healthy environment for our family, loved ones, and clients.

Can you provide services in lockdown or in isolation?

Yes, due to the nature of our business being digital, we can very easily deliver those services remotely. Communication can be held via email, phone, or by zoom. We can also provide pre-recorded screencast videos with audio whenever we present websites or other digital services where appropriate.

What if I'm not well and I need to set up a meeting with you?

If you're in Perth, we encourage you to follow the Western Australian Health Department's advice, whatever that advice might be if you feel unwell. If you are not sure what that advice is, contact them directly or visit their website for more information.

In addition to that, it's our general preference not to hold any in-person meetings with you if you have the flu of any kind (even if it's not COVID-19, no one wants to get sick voluntarily).

Meetings can always be rescheduled if you are unwell, and as our services are digital, we can easily deliver those remotely anyway.

It is far better to er on the side of caution than to risk it in any case.

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