Website Maintenance Services

Avoid losing your website with website maintenance services in Perth

Much like your car, your website needs looking after. That means keeping it fine-tuned for performance. Not to mention making sure it's secure, so others don't do what they want with it. We offer website maintenance in Perth so that your website is taken care of and you don't end up missing leads or opportunities.

Website Maintenance Services

Why use website maintenance services?

Minimize security risk

Minimize security risk

When we're overseeing website maintenance, we ensure measures are in place to minimize the risk of being hacked. Our monitoring service means you're well protected.

Put your mind at ease

Put your mind at ease

Never feel like your website is exposed or vulnerable to attack ever again. Or put in a situation of not knowing what to do to get yourself back on your feet. Our website maintenance services ensure your website is taken care of.

Better performance

Better performance

We keep regular tabs on your website and make tweaks and adjustments to ensure the website is optimized for speed, and there are no broken links. This is something that Google prefers, so this can help your website's SEO ranking.



Imagine losing the whole website! With our daily offsite website backups, we'll be there to restore your website should it ever go down. We've got you covered.

More uptime

More uptime

Nothing kills credibility and SEO page ranking more than visiting a website and seeing it's down. When you use our website maintenance service, there's less chance of your website going down.

Monthly reports

Monthly reports

We like to keep things transparent, so we provide a monthly report on our website management efforts showing precisely what we're doing every month to keep your site safe. In other words, you get a birds-eye view of your website's health.

What's included in our website maintenance services?

Our website maintenance service covers the essentials, so you can be rest assured your website will be running safe, secure, and smooth.

Website security

We perform important updates for all your plugins when required, including core WordPress updates, so you have access to all the latest security updates in a timely fashion. We also run regular scans of your website for any vulnerabilities, taking note of and acting upon any corrupted files we detect, ensuring your website is clean and safe.

Regular backups

We perform regular offsite backups of your website daily. This means if your website goes down, we can use a restore point to reinstate and reinstall your website, minimizing disruption to your operation. Never lose your content and be back up and running with minimal impact to your business.

Performance testing

We run regular checks on your website's performance, ensuring we're getting the most out of it as we can. That means keeping your website loading at a fast speed so that your website visitors' own experience isn't hindered. A fast website is also good for SEO.

Uptime monitoring

Using our automated system, we monitor your website constantly to ensure the website is up. That means should your website go down at any time, we get a notification telling us to take action and address the issue.

Monthly reporting

Every month we provide a report showing you how your website's health is tracking and whether there were any anomalies. It's a good way of getting reassurance your website is being looked after, as well as getting the peace of mind and comfort that comes with a safe, secure website.


Don't just take our word for it. See what some of our happy clients have to say.

Blues and Blades BarbershopFive star rating

Glen did an awesome job creating our website. Nothing was ever too hard, any requests were completed so promptly. He also took the time to explain any queries I had in great detail to help us understand what would be best for our business. Highly recommend.

Eley Hooper - Skin TherapistFive star rating

I found Glen on LinkedIn as I wanted to use someone local for my new website. I found him incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain things to me in an easy to understand way. My website was completed in the required time and he did a lot of hand holding when we first went live. I've had a great response to my website and would most definitely recommend Thriving Web Design to anyone needing a new website or even to update their old, tired one.

Highland Medical CenterFive star rating

Glen was outstanding to work with. He is professional and kept us informed through the whole process. Thoroughly recommend!

Healthy Living MassageFive star rating

Glen is absolutely brilliant and has a wealth of knowledge. From the first phone conversation I knew he was the right person to create a new website for my business. Glen is very thorough and did a ton of research along the way. Glen keeps in contact constantly and gives great updates. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, he is a star and a legend at what he does. Thank you so much Glen!

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