What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a CMS, otherwise known as a Content Management System. It's a website but the content management system side of things lets you update content yourself whenever you want.

How do you update content?

Well, put simply, there is a specific page you can go to that is password protected. There it'll ask you for your username and password (when you have a WordPres website set up, you'll end up getting one of these). Once you sign in, WordPress will take you to an Administration Panel (or admin panel).

The admin panel is where you can add new content, edit existing content, or delete content. Most of the content most of the time will be found in either a page or a post.

Pages and posts in WordPress

Wait, whats the difference between a page and a post?

Well it's all a matter of hierarchy. Typically a page can have a list of links leading to posts.

For example, you might have a bakery website. That bakery website has three pages. Cakes, Breads and Muffins. The cake page then lists the following posts: - Chocolate cake - Mud cake - Vanilla cake The user could click on each of these post previews to be taken to that post where they could read the post in full.

The breads page, same thing, with a list of the following posts: - Sourdough bread - French bread - Rye bread And the user could click on each of those post links to read those posts in full. You get the idea.


WordPress also gives you the ability to add menus. You could have a menu at the top, a menu in the footer, or a menu on the side.

Using our bakery website example, the business owner might have all three page links in their top navigation menu. One for cakes, one for breads and one for muffins.

Being able to use a password secured administration panel means website owners can log in, and add new pages or posts and update their menus how they see fit.

WordPress Plugins

Another interesting feature is the use of plugins. Plugins enhance or extend the functionality of a WordPress site in one manner or another and there is a very big ecosystem of plugins out there.

It's said that around 30% of the entire internet comprises of websites made using WordPress, making up millions and millions of sides around the globe.

There are pre made themes you can use for free but generally you are stuck with a specific look, in order to get something that suits your exact needs you can have a web designer & developer build a custom theme from scratch.

Having a custom theme means you don't need to put up with something pre-made that you can't change or alter the look of.

Constantly being updated (thats a good thing!)

WordPress is also continually updated by the team who created it to ensure it remains secure as well as to improve on the pre existing system. The latest recent version of WordPress also allows the site to be updated automatically whenever the WordPress team release a newer version.

With WordPress continuing to evolve, it remains a very dominate and popular framework for website owners.

We can help you set up a new WordPress website

While WordPress does give a user the flexibility to update content themselves and pick their own theme, sometimes those prebuild themes aren't always the best fit. Especially if you are trying to run a business and need something exactly the way you need it.

That's where we come in. We can build a custom made theme, and set up everything for you and even give you some training on how to use the site once it's ready to go. Feel free to contact us if this is something you need.

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