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Custom web design

With focus on your business

Every website we build is made from scratch. What we want to do is to be able to generate as many enquiries as possible for your business through your website.

We want to be able to get your brand across. Your unique message so that you stand out from your competitors and attract your customer base most effectively. So in order to be able to do that, our approach is to understand your business and what the primary objective of the site needs to be.

What challenges your business is facing, and what it is your business needs. We then design and build a website around that objective and it becomes the foundation of the design and decision making behind the site. During this process, we continually seek input from you throughout the design phase, so you’re never left in the dark and know exactly where we are and that we are hitting the mark with your website from start to finish.

We don’t compromise on lesser quality. Delivering a reliable, quality website to you is our number one aim. Ideally, every business is different and every website is unique.

Starter website package includes...

✓ Concept designs

✓ A website that will convey your branding and message

✓ 5 x pages

✓ A sticky/fixed navigation bar at the top when a user scrolls

✓ A rotating sliding banner you can edit

✓ An image gallery

✓ Contact form

✓ Google map showing your business location

✓ Google analytics installed

✓ Training when we hand over your site

✓ Social media links and social sharing

✓ Three months free after sales support

✓ We load all your beginning content for you

Content Management

Update the website yourself

We make our websites with a content management system built in.

We make our websites with a content management system built-in. A content management system (otherwise known as a CMS for short) allows you to add, remove or make changes to the content for your site yourself, without needing to pay a web developer to do it for you.

This content could be whatever the website is designed to show. Whether that’s articles, products and prices, video clips, images, audio, you name it. You simply log into a back-end administration panel for your site that is password-protected (so only you have access to it) and update or change whatever you need.

There are literally millions of websites out there on the net today that are powered by a content management system. The best part about these CMS’ is that the most popular systems are open-sourced.

Whats open source? Well, it means it’s constantly being updated and improved by a large global community of web developers who volunteer their time. The end result is that web developers are able to benefit from a well designed, robust content management system for free and instead they can focus more of their own time building the front end of the website, the look, feel and function.

There are two main content management systems we prefer to use today. One is called Strapi JS and the other is called WordPress. Both are very capable and solid choices when it comes to content management systems.

Having a CMS means...

✓ Having powerful publishing tools

✓ You can update content on the website yourself

✓ It's username and password protected

✓ You're in control

✓ Very basic workflow

✓ You save money as you can do it yourself

✓ Multimedia capable, images, video, audio etc

✓ As administrator you can allow others to add content

✓ Changes are easy to make

All our web designs come with our 100% guarantee

✓ We will always ensure you are happy with your design

✓ And if you’re not, we will make all reasonable efforts to work with you to get the design right

✓ We will always offer some after sales support after your website goes live to ensure everything is running smoothly

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