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Glen Burnett

1st February 2022

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Technical SEO

Eye for design

You get what you pay for

Do you have the time for it?

You don't know what you don't know

Should I use a digital marketing Perth based company to build my website and promote my business? Or is it beneficial to do it myself? Excellent question.

Today it's commonplace for businesses to have a website, compared to ten to twenty years ago. It's becoming easier for anyone without any web design skills to build a website using a drag and drop web editor.

But the real question here is, should you? It might not seem an obvious question at first, but let's drill down and check out the reasons why it might be a better idea to utilize a digital marketing company.

Technical SEO

I'm listing this one first because it's often out of reach for anyone who isn't a web developer.

Technical SEO is a specific kind of search engine optimisation that requires a bit of programming knowledge to implement it.

Drag and drop editors might give you control over what content you put on your website, but there's a slew of things web developers add under the hood of your website to give it an even better chance to try rank on search engines like Google. And yes, Google does look for those things. Meta tags, sitemaps, how fast the website is rendered, the list goes on.

Eye for design

We can all draw, but there's a difference between stick drawings and masterpieces. A digital marketing agency will have the skills to design the right kind of layout, space, colour, and feel to best suit your business brand. They know what needs to go into a good user experience.

Not everyone has an eye for design, but just about everyone knows what looks good and what looks awful, and that includes any potential prospects that encounter your online presence.

Remember, first impressions are everything, and that especially counts when it comes to seeing how good (or how bad) your website, social media, or advertising looks online.

You get what you pay for

So maybe you've decided not to do it all on your own, but you've decided you want to save yourself the money. Who doesn't, right? So you find a backyard website guy who can do it on the low.

You hand over your hard-earned money, only to get a poor quality website, and when you try to reach the web designer, they either don't return your phone calls for weeks or worse, they've vanished altogether.

If, on the other hand, the cost you pay is zero, and you do it all on your own, ask yourself if you have the expertise, the competency, and the knowledge to pull it off.

While it may mean paying a little bit more, getting a professional business to deliver your digital marketing strategy is an investment, not an expense, and at the end of the day, the fruits of that investment will attract more leads and convert more visitors into customers.

Do you have the time for it?

So perhaps you might be able to scratch together a website, but it takes you a lot longer, with a lot of trial and error and pulling your hair out. Do you really want to be spending all that time devoted to just your website or marketing campaign?

As I'm sure you're all too aware, this is just one aspect of the many different hats a business owner needs to wear. By using a digital marketing company in Perth, you have someone who can take that off your hands while you tend to all the other equally important tasks you need to get done.

You don't know what you don't know

We love what we do, but not everyone loves digital marketing or web design. Imagine, for example, you decided to do your own Google ads.

Did you know, for example, that leaving it up to Google to automate your keyword bid for you isn't always the best idea and can burn through your marketing budget fast? It's the little things that digital marketing companies know to look out for.

Are you looking for someone to help you with your digital marketing? Thriving Web Design, a digital marketing business in Perth, can help. We specialise in web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), Google ads, and Facebook ads to drive more revenue for your business.

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