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Glen Burnett

23rd January 2022

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What is conversion optimisation?

How to improve your website's conversion rate

Test and measure over the long term

Huzzah! You're getting plenty of visitors to your website. They browse around, click a few links, everything is all rosy. And then, just like that, they leave your website, never to return again.

What happened? Well, it might have something to do with the lack of conversion optimisation on your website.

What is conversion optimisation?

A conversion is the term used when a potential customer visits your website and does precisely what you hope they do. Most of the time, that's purchasing something you sell. But depending on your business, it might be some other goal, like, making a booking to see you, or signing up a membership for something you offer, etc.

Conversion optimisation is where you make some design choices on your website that improves your chances that potential customer visiting your page actually converts.

How to improve your website's conversion rate

Here are several ways you can ensure you're giving your website the best chance of converting website visitors. We'll go through them below:

  • Call to action -

    You can make the best-looking website in the world, but if you don't include something that prompts or tells the visitor what to do, it's all for nothing. A call to action solves this problem, and there are several ways you can prompt visitors to take action.

  • Use images and video -

    Humans are very visual when it comes to checking things out, they pick up visual cues quicker than words and sentences. If these images or video are directly relevant to the topic of the page, even better.

  • Using customer testimonials -

    Nothing solidifies confidence in a business than hearing others shower praises about how great the product or service is. It might be that one testimonial that seals the deal for the website visitor that motivates them to take action and buy.

  • Show you are real -

    There's a lot of companies out there that, unfortunately, are not straight shooters. And society is becoming more and more aware of scams, horror stories of being conned out of their hard-earned money. So being able to show you are legit is a way to alleviate that concern and show them you're genuine and trustworthy. Include your contact details, including images of your actual business and yourself or your staff. Show your ABN or ACN in the footer.

  • Awards, guarantees, or warranties -

    Won any awards or backed up your product or service with a guarantee or warranty? Show it on the page. Graphical images showing either of these helps reinforce that purchasing from you is a solid, safe bet.

Test and measure over the long term

Knowing if your conversion optimisation is working isn't going to happen within a few days. And it's also not guesswork either. You'll need to measure results over a sustained period of time. And test, tweak and calibrate.

You can try A/B split testing, use heat maps and analytics such as data on click rates and see how often goals in Google analytics are achieved. You can even go old school and get old-fashioned feedback directly from customers themselves.

If you're looking for someone to help you with conversion optimisation, Perth based Thriving Web Design are the go-to experts. We can review your existing pages you need to optimize or create new ones if required to ensure you're using the right strategy. We can even do the testing and tracking for you too.

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