Why having a website for your small business is essential

Hands holding both a mobile phone and a credit card

A lot has changed since the mid-90s when the internet was just starting to bloom.

Technology has advanced to the point that everyone can now surf the web at the palm of their hand using a mobile phone. Just having that technology on hand any time, day or night, where ever they are, has made people more connected to the internet than ever.

On top of being connected to the web via their mobile phones (and statistics showing mobile internet browsing is on the rise), internet service providers continue to roll out faster, more affordable internet. Just think, it wasn't long ago we only had 3G mobile phone speeds, now we're seeing 5G being rolled out, which means 4G speeds will become more and more affordable.

More affordability means more users, more users means more people on the internet.

So the internet is definitely not an unheard of, ghost town no one is frequenting. Web traffic is growing. Exponentially.

So it's really crucial to think about your business presence on the web. Why? Because if you're not on the web, chances are your competitors will be. Not having a website and being searchable on Google is like Sony or Nintendo not being present at the world's biggest gaming convention.

If you're not present, you've missed the boat.

Having a website can solve a lot of problems, and it can be a go-to point for your customers who are searching not just for your products and services but also where you're located, answers to common questions they're likely to ask, who you are and what your business does and also to see if your particular brand speaks to them personally.

Best of all, having a website means you can make sales even after your physical business location has closed for the day. Or on the weekend. Or during holidays. You get the idea.

And customers absolutely love convenience. Make it easy to buy from you and you increase your chances of making a sale. Nothing says convenience like being able to shop online. Customers have been known to buy goods and services while on the couch, waiting in line to the movies, even when they should be sleeping in bed at 2 am in the morning.

That kind of accessibility and opportunity for sales and to make your business and brand known is too good to pass up.

So if you don't have a website, even if you're a small operator, you have to ask yourself..... why not?